“Special” Lifting

Costelmec Hoisting & Moving Industry produces made-to-measure lifting and transport equipment, and therefore it is not easy to establish where the “standard” product ends and the “special” one begins. The sector has nevertheless been divided by types of crane and/or equipment that give most satisfaction when put into service, or by cranes and equipment that are installed in heavy-duty environments (very aggressive “pickling” environments, high risk of explosion, very high temperatures, etc.).

Whatever a company’s lifting and transport needs, in any industrial field, the Costelmec S.r.l. staff will carry out all the necessary procedures, starting from an on-site inspection with technical consultancy, then proceeding to careful, detailed planning and an estimate of the production costs, right up to the production, delivery, installation and commissioning.

Here are some examples of special equipment created by Costelmec S.r.l.: automatic PLC-controlled process cranes (with or without operator); overhead travelling cranes equipped with continuous double winch trucks rotating up to 360°; coil lifters for transporting steel coils from one bay in the factory to another, overhead travelling cranes equipped with telescopic shaft and pick-up brackets for metal sheets, walking cranes, flameproof overhead travelling cranes for environments with high risk of explosion (EX), etc., etc..

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